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Top: Feel Good Fresh Zero (2019). Installation view:  Frank Lee x Kwan Q Li: Subsumption, Oui Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019; Work-in-progress documentation.

Bottom right: Photography documentation of opening performance/reception. Oui Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019; Original recipes: print on vellum paper. 

Today we are in the post-diet world - the work speculates - when atomised familial values are founded on fast food delivery and supplement pilgrimage. Conventional banquets may only find their remains of existence spiced with instrumental values - spectacular openings, performative networking, instagram-fed events. Feel Good Flesh Zero is an opening reception that takes the form of a fusion pharmacy. Circular gold frames irradiate at the end of the room, presenting a unique menu of mocktails that are bound to lure you with their guilt-free recipes. Authentic pearl powders, Chlorella tablets, cute multivitamin gummies, baking soda de-riot agent, fresh lime slices… all promise not to disappoint. Lick, Sip, Suck. Audience is instructed to appropriate the tacky drinking gesture into a gathering ritual, enacting the almost religious healing within the hidden context of the heavily tear-gassed Hong Kong in which this work is set.

Happy Hours (2019). Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. Original recipes of 'Bloody Carrie' & 'Ginger Pocari'.
Cookware and utensils, mixed fabric. Special thanks to Audrey Lee. Documentation photography of performance.

Two Receptions, 2019

Shown in:
。'Frank Lee x Kwan Q Li: Subsumption', Oui Gallery, 2019.
。'Ginger Art Festival', HK Visual Arts Centre, 2019.

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