Top: Feel good fresh zero, 2019. Installation view:  Frank Lee x Kwan Q Li: Subsumption, Oui Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019. 


#2 Work-in-progress documentation.

Bottom Left: Photography documentation of opening performance/reception. Oui Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019.


Bottom Right: Original recipes: print on vellum paper. 

Today we are in the post-diet world - the work speculates - when atomised familial values are founded on fast food delivery and supplement pilgrimage. Conventional banquets may only find their remains of existence spiced with instrumental values - spectacular openings, performative networking, instagram-fed events. Feel Good Flesh Zero is an opening reception that takes the form of a fusion pharmacy. Circular gold frames irradiate at the end of the room, presenting a unique menu of mocktails that are bound to lure you with their guilt-free recipes. Authentic pearl powders, Chlorella tablets, cute multivitamin gummies, baking soda de-riot agent, fresh lime slices… all promise not to disappoint. Lick, Sip, Suck. Audience is instructed to appropriate the tacky drinking gesture into a gathering ritual, enacting the almost religious healing within the hidden context of the heavily tear-gassed Hong Kong in which this work is set.

Kwan Q Li 李君. #HK852. 

Weedist, Capitalist Refugee,

Occupational Realist,

Regressive Romantic (R.R.)

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In Queeniland,

Weed is the highest 

form of hope - I keep 

an internal memo of

the Weedists 

Quasi-immigrants are 

our daily routine

Sometimes I hear the 

greenhouse weeps

But in happy hours,
I dreamt of 
free riding
the Mobike to 
landing on the 
red moon
in my astronaut 

Feel good flesh zero

Just some pillow talk

minor linguist Icsulcer at most

et ce te ra, et ce te ra . . .


Yours autonomously,

Queenie  (Prototype ______ )