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Linguist Icsulcer

Photography Documentation of 12-minute Performance/Lecture

Act 1

Conference Suite

'What can you offer to the
art school?' - MFA interview

Astonished by how this reminds me of all the corporate interviews that I had in the past except for the fact that those interviews were about negotiating a just deal between labour and remuneration and this is about a school degree for which I am the one to pay the money? Sounds like a perfect manifestation of how learning and knowledge subliming into business jargons totally...

Act 2

Preference Tree

'Marginality? Sorry it's not critical enough in the context of contemporary art. ' 

Reading of writing excerpt from 'Sometimes I hear the greenhouse weeps' 

In response to a student-led journal in Oxford which dismissed marginality as not critical enough and at the end featured all white contributors in their latest issue

Act 3

Endurance Template

'I will only teach if your school pays me.'

Maybe worth a rethink? With all respects to the consistent struggle against industrial exploitation and damned justice to artistic labour, could this abruptly shortened reply to green learners genuinely seeking advice from their respectable seniors possibly depreciate education into a purely transactional dimension? Post-rejection thoughts after sixty days of lingering startlement. Clarification: My open question is more related to the rhetoric and attitude towards building a healthy sense of mutual support. and PS as a student I also care about you, so I have fought for you now to have an official invitation from the school despite your slightly bitter response

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