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L I V E  S T R E A M I N G , 2 0 1 7



Documentation of a live streaming of a crit when participants watched themselves being live streamed on Facebook, Oxford.


Text read out by the artist for discussion after the live streaming was concluded:

A live-stream performance of us.

We just stand here. Just looking at ourselves, and looking beyond ourselves.

Looking at every soul in this room... Looking at every piece of art in this room.

Every story, every life has embodied art.

Art extends beyond a distinctive physical object.

Thank you, artist, your life is beautiful, fluid, deep, inspirational, colourful, surprising, moving, sentimental.

Your life makes me reflects on myself. Your life cheers me up and pulls me down.

The form of your life, the concept, the texture, the palette, the representation or the non-representation...

They are all revealed delicately in your every act and your every breath. 
Everyone is an artist. Between me and you, there's no longer a difference.

Let's appreciate ourselves, appreciate our art, appreciate our performance.
Let the unsettling temperament sink.
Thank you, artist. Thank you. 




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