No greens in nature, 2020.

Stills from a single-channel video. 04:59mins.

Installation view: NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2020, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Singapore, 2020.

Created during IdeasCity Singapore residency co-curated by New Museum & NTU CCA. Still photography credits to Dat Vu. 

What does nature mean? Why do we feel compelled to discuss climate change despite realistic urgency? In a residency themed 'Solidarity with Nature', the artist diverted from the programmed eco-exploration into questions of loss and anxiety, life cycles, rituals, therapy and bonding as a response to the unanticipated death of her great grandma during the stay in Singapore.

Kwan Q Li 李君. #HK852. 

Weedist, Capitalist Refugee,

Occupational Realist,

Regressive Romantic (R.R.)

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