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Performing Weedists (2019)




。Spoken Words

。Music Scores


'AI&Society' Journal's stage of peer review.

Shown in:

'Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age', Cambridge UK, 2020.

The contingency and performativity of contemporary lifestyles, embodied by the pseudonym ‘Weedists’, are read as pertinent enactments of digital existence in the physical world, interrogating the totality of algorithmic coding of human behaviour into binary and programmable formulae. This performance lecture is stitched together with a spoken word piece overlayed with an original music composition and moving image.

Today the Anthropocene expels nature to the periphery. Tomorrow, humans will become the marginalised, the thriving ‘weeds’ in the epoch of data created by our very selves. 

Weedists (2019). Performance lecture.​ Documentation excerpt, 04:39mins. 

'Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age', jointly organised by the 'Re-' Interdisciplinary Network at CRASSH and the AI & Society Journal, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 2019.

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