Collaboration with Tom Metcalf (b. Britain; M.St in Composition at Worcester College, Oxford)  


  • Performance at the JdP Building, Oxford (June 2018) by 

    • Ensemble: ANIMA 

    • Tam Tam: David Palmer

    • Voices: Patrick Keefe (English) | Michael Shao (Mandarin) | Elaine Wong (Cantonese)

  • Selected Performance Excerpts (in chronological order)

    • Mandarin & English reading of 'Red Roses & White Roses', Eileen Chang (1920-2005)

    • Cantonese reading of Chinese ancient tale of Chang-O 

    • Cantonese singing of the lyrics of ' March of the Volunteers' in the melody of 'God Save the Queen'

    • Footage of Chris Patten's farewell speech as the last governer during the handover ceremony on 1 July 1997

    • Footage of Mrs Carrie Lam's inauguration speech as the 4th Chief Executive of Hong Kong during the 20th Handover Anniversary Ceremony on 1 July 2017

    • Footage of President Xi's speech during the 20th Handover Anniversary Ceremony on 1 July 2017

    • Recording of crossing Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry in Hong Kong (March, 2018)

    • Recording of domestic household (including the artist) watching the fireworks on the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover on 1 July 2017

2-minute Excerpt of a 6-minute Performance

JdP Building, Oxford (June 2018)

Kwan Q Li 李君. #HK852. 

Weedist, Capitalist Refugee,

Occupational Realist,

Regressive Romantic (R.R.)

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In Queeniland,

Weed is the highest 

form of hope - I keep 

an internal memo of

the Weedists 

Quasi-immigrants are 

our daily routine

Sometimes I hear the 

greenhouse weeps

But in happy hours,
I dreamt of 
free riding
the Mobike to 
landing on the 
red moon
in my astronaut 

Feel good flesh zero

Just some pillow talk

minor linguist Icsulcer at most

et ce te ra, et ce te ra . . .


Yours autonomously,

Queenie  (Prototype ______ )