Faking from Slow to Soft (ongoing)


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Funded by:

ACT Pilot Fund, MIT.

A dream becomes a disguise, a protective net, not only for humans but also for our machine accomplices. One may call the over-processed aesthetic of DeepDream a mistake, whilst Google Engineer Mordvintsev resorted to poetics and called the unwanted the machine’s ‘dreams’.


This mesmerising act of linguistic subversion turns the notorious deepfake into the nostalgic DeepDream. In between indexical reality and manufactured fakery, there exists a subliminal space of dreams that defies dualities such as truth/false, correct/mistake, legal/unlawful.

Contextual website: here

Soft Fakes (2020). A DeepDream collage printed on synthetic silk sculpture, 139x190cm, with uneven scissor cut on edges.

KWAN Q LI 李君 ​

Hong Kong artist with a practice in reading, writing, lens-based media and performance.