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Joshua Asokan, Dainan Bai, Ellie Beard, Ellie Begley, Maud Barret Bertelloni, Emily Beswick, Ramani Chandramohan, Ivy Chang, Briana Che, Michelle Chin, Zhiyi Ciao, Kirsty Clark, Stephanie Cortes, Grace Crabtree, Mateusz Diak, Mario Jose Dellow, Sanâa Estibal-Tekaïa, Lucy Evans, Jessie Edgar, Kathleen Farmilo, Ryan Friets, Yaniv Grunberg, Casey Haughin, Austin Hunte, Jun Seo Hwang, Nick Ingram, Mitsuo Martin Iwamoto, Nour Jaouda, Keira Jeon, Juan Juan De La Cruz, Rayne Kim, Dominika Kozub, Noah Lawson, Rob Lawson,  Yoonji Lee, Charmaine Leung, Wing Fung Leung, Queenie Li, En May Lim, Iman Mahdy, Tasmin Mahdy, Ayesha Neeli Mali, Juliet Martin, Harrison Mbazilra, Lucia Mellado, Julia Michiewicz, Hannah Munday, Rebecca Murray, Ena Naito, Francesca Nava, Kenji Newton, Gaius Ong, Nabil Ould-Dada, Sam Padfield, Katarina Petrović, Mia Pistorius, Gitu Sharma, Radosiav Shtarkov, Katherine Smith, Lennox Smith, Averie So, Lorenzo Sticher, Sunshine Sun, Adam Story, Heng Tan, Ross Toward, Elden Tse, Emily Tsen, Jady Wei, Chris Wood, Catherine Xu, Zhiwei Xu, Zhen Yeoh, Derek Yeung, Jacob Yu

Nth Dimension, 2018

05:00 video & sound installation

W/ OR W/O live performance


Together with the composer, Noah Lawson, we asked this first question: what is the truth of how we experience our world? Individuals perceive and experience time in many different ways: as an infinite continuum or a repeating cycle, a force that simultaneously slows the world down and drags us through life at hysterical speed.

How do our varied experiences interact with each other within the human construct, time? Are our subjective experiences like tides in a vast ocean, leaving no trace on the world around us? 


Performance with ANIMA Ensemble, June, Oxford: here

The Original Video & Sound Piece:  here








​A group discussion of 12 on the topic of Time

St.Anne's College, Oxford, 4 March 2018

Documentation Video, 17:59 Mins

for example, you wake up and you know brushing your teeth or whatever, that's a timeless event, and suddenly you, you realise oh, I just did that, I barely remember doing it, and I definitely didn't have any experience of time while doing it, so it becomes timeless/So you could say that time isn't objective/At some point in my life, I can't remember when because I've been having experience of time I would always wake up just before the alarm / Cause I just don't wanna know what the time is / Like I'm in the book and I'm sort of experiencing their sense of time rather than my own / Like, moments are individual moments within like a kind of...  like landscape of sound's / A certain two hour period at some point can be like incredibly valuable, and then another time really not at all.

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Cheat Sheet of 'One' to 'Sixty' in Tamil

An Attempt to Talk to Two Physic Students

Single-channel Video, 07:39 Duration


Audio: Appollo 13 Flight Director Loop, 1970 

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