Since 2016, I have been shooting weeds in various parts of the world including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Okinawa, Lisbon, Athens, Oxford, Brussels, Varanasi  Delhi, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Jerusaluem and the West Bank, and it is still on-going. The photography attempts to elaborate on weeds’ nomadic vitality into a resilient spirit against dominant ideologies. Against cracks in concrete surfaces and drains, weeds signify a specific type of complicit intelligence evading human’s dominance and control, and provide an imagination of alternative hope apart from the mainstream spectacle. Without specifying each location of the photos, the aspect of universality is explored with respect to different geopolitical conflicts.

Kwan Q Li 李君. #HK852. 

Weedist, Capitalist Refugee,

Occupational Realist,

Regressive Romantic (R.R.)

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In Queeniland,

Weed is the highest 

form of hope - I keep 

an internal memo of

the Weedists 

Quasi-immigrants are 

our daily routine

Sometimes I hear the 

greenhouse weeps

But in happy hours,
I dreamt of 
free riding
the Mobike to 
landing on the 
red moon
in my astronaut 

Feel good flesh zero

Just some pillow talk

minor linguist Icsulcer at most

et ce te ra, et ce te ra . . .


Yours autonomously,

Queenie  (Prototype ______ )