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The formidable focus on the 'documentary' nature of photography in literature may have been confining the perception of such a medium from a broader perspective. Ariella Azoulay once highlighted the act of looking as the indispensible part of 'photography's institutionalisation'. She further utilised political philosopher Hannah Arendt's 'three modes of action' to identify three forms of gazes, of which she argued that the 'contemplative gaze' was only activated by the invention of photography. There exist plural participants in the act of photography (the photographer, the photographed person, and the spectator),  photography enabled the distance in spectators against the Power by being the free observers. In Susan Sontag's words, 'photographs are as much as an interpretation of the world as paintings and drawings are".

 Málverk (2017). A series of 10 C-Type Photography. 

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