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Prototype  (          m2) (2019). Installation shots, Ruskin Bullingdon Studios, Oxford, UK (press to enlarge).


The propositional installation serves as its title suggests: a prototype of spatial enquiry that oscillates between a set of predetermined instructions and open-ended site specificity. Each implementation of the installation possesses its own unique manifestation denoted by the specific area to which it is inputted, a value thus inserted within the title’s brackets. The four performance scores reflect on contemporary temporalities of the ‘white cube’ which include the status of being i) non-invigilated structural installation, ii) scripted staging with performers, iii) social fabrication in formats such as a cocktail reception, and iv) a flowing dialogue with surroundings.


Selected excerpt of the 5-minute video loop on 5” LCD screen:

“In the White Cube, exclusivity is provoked. Language becomes abstract, peppered with alcoholic vulgarity and empty hashtags that resonate within the sonic loop of high heels. From an infrastructural default to an ideological weapon, the notion of ‘wall’ seems to have grown into an organic queer. Yet, some walls are wholesome, while others are cursed, when immigrants are rejected, families are wounded, and our fundamental values are cut into half. But who cares? Weeds are content at the foot of the concrete that separates conflicted nations. Then our walls become the world’s largest public canvas, scrawled with graffiti and drawings. All voices are heard. Isn’t this the democratic ideal we long for?”

​Score II (Excerpt)                                                                                                                                     


Score III (Excerpt)



Multiple recycled wood structures, 5-min video loop, photographic prints on recycled paper and vinyl on wood (various dimensions), four performance scores.

Special credits to

Score II & III  performers:​ Gabriel Darin , Mihaela Man, Ran Shi. 

Photographer: Dan Pan.


Prototype (23m²) (2019)

Shown in:
'Ruskin Degree Shows', Oxford, 2019.


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