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01-03: Quasi-immigrant (2017). W210 x H148mm, 40 pages. In edition 100. Photographic prints on printed on light-weight coated paper .

04-08: Exhibition installation view @ Statuon Street, Central, Hong Kong. 2017.

Purchase: Brownie Publishing

​Selected Interviews: Bird-in-Flight (in Russian); Apple Daily, HK01, Ming Pao, arts-news (in Chinese)

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China. The twenty years have been a turbulent time with an ostensible polarisation of ideologies. In these two decades, the list of unsolved social issues in Hong Kong includes housing shortage, a slow cultural assimilation with mainland China, call for democracy, income disparity, monopoly problems, morbid healthcare system, undeveloped retirement plans, educational loopholes, cultural desert... After the local riot in 1967, the incident in 1989 and the overwhelming uncertainty anticipating the handover in 1997, a new wave of immigration is claimed to start emerging again.


The subjects of this photography series are local Hongkongers aged 20-30. All of them have immigrated to the U.K. and are currently in the midst of fulfilling a minimum of 7-year stay to obtain the legal right of abode in the UK. Here is the most intriguing part. They were way too young before the handover to experience the sovereignty of the British. Nevertheless, they had still decided to abandon their homeland and pursued the values of their former colonial empire that they had hardly experienced. 

Selected archive:




二零一七年, 距離回歸九七匆匆二十載。在社會兩極化現象下, 二十年內積累的社會問題日益深層化: 房屋問題, 中港關係, 民主訴求, 貧富懸殊, 財團壟斷, 醫療體制, 全民退保, 教育漏洞, 文化沙漠等。移民潮繼六七暴動,六四事件和回歸後再度抬頭。
他們是一群二十出頭, 三十未立, 土生土長的香港人。在最青春之黃金時期,他們不約而同選擇移居英國,用七年時間去換取留英權,過後亦大多沒有回港的打算。有趣的是,當年港英政府在位時,他們才剛進小學,明顯回歸前後的浪潮對後九十的他們並沒有留下深刻印象,對前政權的認知全皆道聽途說,最後卻決心離鄉別井去追求前人的價值。



Quasi-Immigrant (2017)
Photography。Photography Zine

Shown in:
'BOOKED Art Book Fair', Tai Kwun, Hong Kong 2019-2020.​
Bird-in-Flight Magazine, Ulkarine, 2019.
。'Quasi-Immigrant' exhibition + media, Hong Kong, 2017.

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