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'I propose the following definition of nationality: it is an imagined political community - and imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign.'
(Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities, 1983)

'The body in pain is a body on the edge of society.'
(Amelia Jones, Survey: Body Splits, 2000)


To which I reply: the body in parade is a body on the centre of spectacle.

​A series of ten C-Type photography.

Queeniland (2018). Mixed-media installation.200x150cm Photography printed on canvas; wood; gold-coated frame with stamped postcard; iPad with the series of 10 photography of ‘Queeniland’; Trade paints in coral red & Venetian green; Coloured steel safety pins.

The Weedist's Room (2019). Performance lecture. Performance documentation video, 4-min excerpt. 'Hong Kong Textuality', University of Sheffield, Sheffield, 2019.

Queeniland (2018)
Photography​。Mail Art。Installation。Performance

Shown in:
'HK Textuality', University of Sheffield, 2019.

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