'I propose the following definition of nationality: it is an imagined political community - and imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign.' (Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities, 1983)

'The body in pain is a body on the edge of society.' (Amelia Jones, Survey: Body Splits, 2000) To which I reply: the body in parade is a body on the centre of spectacle.

Top: Queeniland (2018), Hong Kong. 1 set of 10 photography.

Bottom: Queeniland (2018). Oxford, UK. Installation shot. 

200x150cm Photography printed on canvas; wood; gold-coated frame with stamped postcard; iPad with the series of 10 photography of ‘Queeniland’; Trade paints in coral red & Venetian green; Coloured steel safety pins.

The Weedist's Room (2019). Sheffield, UK.

Documentation of performance/lecture

Kwan Q Li 李君. #HK852. 

Weedist, Capitalist Refugee,

Occupational Realist,

Regressive Romantic (R.R.)

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In Queeniland,

Weed is the highest 

form of hope - I keep 

an internal memo of

the Weedists 

Quasi-immigrants are 

our daily routine

Sometimes I hear the 

greenhouse weeps

But in happy hours,
I dreamt of 
free riding
the Mobike to 
landing on the 
red moon
in my astronaut 

Feel good flesh zero

Just some pillow talk

minor linguist Icsulcer at most

et ce te ra, et ce te ra . . .


Yours autonomously,

Queenie  (Prototype ______ )